Nerf War Cleanup Made Easy

Effortlessly gather darts and rounds.


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When your epic Nerf battle has come to a close, the last thing anybody wants to do is pick up darts. Not for much longer once you're armed with the Gather Gadget. Effortlessly roll over Nerf darts on lawns, indoor flooring, and concrete. Quickly and easily empty to get back to the fun. Say goodbye to bending over and hello to fast and easy pickup.

What's in the box

Gather Gadget Collection Basket
Mounting Bracket
Telescoping Handle
Carrying Bag

Need help assembling?
Watch assembly video here


Collection Basket Size:
9.06" wide, 6.69" tall
Telescoping Rod Length:
18.8"- 41.3" tall
Metal and Plastic
3 lbs

Say goodbye to back-breaking cleanup.

Stop bending over or crawling around picking up darts one by one.

Fast and easy to use

Simply roll over darts and rounds to collect them.

Adjustable handle

Easily adjust the handle so anyone can help, even kids.

Easy to empty

No complicated mechanisms - just stretch the flexible metal wires to create an opening.

Works on all types of darts & more

Gather Gadget works on regular darts (usually blue) Mega darts (usually red), Rival balls (usually yellow) and even golf balls.

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