Frequently Asked Questions

What things does Gather Gadget work on?

Gather Gadget works on most balls, like tennis, golf, and pickleballs. It also works on most nuts, like acorns, chestnuts, and wallnuts. It can also pick up fruits like lemons and apples.

My order hasn't arrived after a month, what should I do?

Our products should arrive at your door within 20 days, although it could take up to a month. If your order still hasn't arrived yet, please let us know at support@gathergadget.com. Please note, we only ship to the United States.

How do I assemble my Gather Gadget?

Gather Gadget is super easy to assemble. You can follow our video tutorial by clicking the button below.


My Gather Gadget was damaged in shipping, what should I do?

If your order was damged in shipping, please reach out to us at support@gathergadget.com along with a photo of the damaged product. Our team will review your request and we may issue a refund.

How do I assemble Gather Gadget?

Gather Gadget comes with the telescoping rod attached, so please refer to the manual to screw it on.

Will Gather Gadget damage my nuts?

Nope. Not at all. The metal rods that make up the collection basket don't exert any force on nuts.

What if I want to return my Gather Gadget?

We do offer returns for orders. If your item was damaged or you are dissatisfied, please send us an email at returns@gathergadget.com or contact us using the contact form. Please send a photo along with your request. If we believe you are eligble for a refund, we will issue you one.

Can I store Gather Gadget outside?

We don't reccomend storing it outside, as it may rust.